MSD Owner Trained Process

  • STEP 1 Review our Entire Website

    How to Start the Process of Training your personal dog to become your Service Dog, take the following steps:

    • Review our website in its entirety to learn about our programs and services.
    • Have your doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, and veterinarian fill out the necessary forms, which can be found below. We require this information to ensure that you meet our requirements. All information collected is kept strictly confidential.
    • Return the completed forms to
    • Once the medical forms have been reviewed and approved, we will send you a Muskoseepi Service Dog Owner Trained application for yourself and your dog.
    • Please ensure that all forms are filled out completely, approved by your medical team, and emailed back to us before we begin correspondence.


    Thank you for choosing MSDGP for your service dog needs. We look forward to working with you to help improve your quality of life.

    Government Veterinarian Requirements

    Government Medical Form

  • STEP 2 Interview / Evaluation

    Once your paperwork has been approved, a member of our team will be in contact to set a date and time for an in-person interview and dog evaluation (part 1). 

    This interview / dog evaluation will take between 2 to 2.5 hours. Cost is $150. 

    Dogs will remain in your vehicle during the in-person interview.  

  • STEP 3 Group Class

    • Taking Group Classes: 
    • For clients undergoing private training: joining in a group class is a crucial first step. Even if you're not a big fan of group activities, attending one is essential to starting your training journey.

  • STEP 4 Training Commences

    Group and Public classes will commence. 

  • Step 5 In-Home Visit

    In person – in home consultation. This consultation takes around one to one and a half hours. Depending on geography and weather, we may do a virtual consultation. This consultation gives us the opportunity to learn more about you, your environment and training needs. 

  • Step 6 Training Continues

    Each training team will have different needs and timelines for the Public Access Assessment. 

    If at anytime during training you feel you as a team are ready to challenge the assessment, a practice assessment can be scheduled. Cost $150. 

    This pertains to teams that have not trained with MSD as well. If you would like to set up a practice assessment please email

  • Step 7 Public Access Assessment

    Once training is complete it is time to make an appointment for your Public Access Assessment.

    **Keep in mind, for owner trained dogs, not all dogs make It passed the evaluation process and / or between the training process and graduation.

    *If your dog does not meet the requirements for a service dog in training, we can assist you in finding a suitable prospect.

Fully Trained Service Dog Process

  • Step 1 Review our Entire Website

    Please review our website in its entirety to see what we offer and how to begin our process. You will find the information and forms to start the process. We collect this information to ensure you meet our requirements. All information collected is strictly confidential.

    Please review the following documents, have your Doctor and / or Phycologist, Psychiatrist fill out the following forms and return to 

    Forms must be filled out and approved by your medical team for correspondence to begin. 

    Please check back in fall 2024 for fully trained service dogs.

    Gov Medical Form

  • Step 2 MSD Application

    Once medical forms have been returned and approved, MSD application will be sent via Canada Post.

  • Step 3 Phone Interview

    Once Muskoseepi Service Dogs Application has been returned a date and time will be set for a phone interview.

  • Step 4 In-Home Consultation

    In person – in home consultation. Depending on geography and weather, we may do a virtual consultation. This consultation gives us the opportunity to learn more about you, your environment and needs.

  • Step 5 Team Training

    We will contact you to set up dates for team training.

    *Please note, team training takes from 5 to 10 full business days depending on your experience. 

  • Step 6 Graduation

    Completing Team Training is something to celebrate! 

  • Step 7 In-Home Visit

    Service dog teams, once your dog has been placed with you and between 4 to 8 weeks, your trainer will do an in-home visit to see how you are progressing and answer any questions or concerns. 

    Due to geography and weather a phone consultation may take place of the in-home visit.