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Government Qualified, Certified Service Dogs

Professionally Educated, Government Qualified, Certified Service Dogs, Training & Coaching.

Our Programs

Our comprehensive programs include training for autism, diabetic alert, facility, hearing alert, mobility, and PTSD service dogs. We also offer owner training and coaching.

We offer both group and private training and coaching. 

We are proud to have a well-established breeding program, RavenWorks Labradors, RavenWorks Labradors provides us with our Labrador puppies in training. Having our own breeding program helps to ensure the quality of our service dogs.

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Owner Teams

Our coaching program is designed to help dog owners understand the needs of their service dogs in training and develop the skills necessary to train their dogs for autism, diabetic alert, facility, hearing alert, mobility or PTSD Service Dogs.

Don’t have your own dog but would like to train your own dog? If we do not have available puppies, adolescents or adults, we have wonderful breeders we work with that we can refer you to. They too breed exceptional Labradors.

Owner Trained Information

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