What About Training My Puppy for Service?

Public access work is demanding and more so for a puppy.

What age is a puppy? A puppy is any pup up to 16 weeks of age. Past 16 weeks your dog is in their adolescent growth stage. The puppy stage is an extremely important time in a puppy’s life. There are certain steps you are going to want to follow in every stage of your dogs life. A well structured group puppy class is a great way to start your puppy out.

Service puppy prospects start out like a companion puppy with a few add ons. Here is a to do list to help you and your puppy get started.

  1. Visit your veterinarian for a wellness check up, most trainers will want to see the first set of your pups vaccination records.
  2. Find a positive reinforcement trainer in your area and join a group puppy class. If you cannot find a trainer Email info@msdgp.com and we can help connect you with a trainer in your area, they do not have to be from the approved list. Make sure they do not use adverse methods or tools.
  3. Take your time and enjoy your puppy, its not all about obedience and work.
  4. Work on house training, kennel training the foundation behaviours. MOST importantly, work on positive socialization.
  5. NEVER ask a puppy to to do adult tasks. Sure you can train your puppy to retrieve, target etc, however, do NOT set your puppy up for burn out or failure.

Government Approved Schools: https://www.alberta.ca/approved-service-dog-organizations

Muskoseepi Service Dogs offers open enrolment group puppy classes in Grande Prairie and surrounding areas. If for some reason you cannot attend class, we also offer in-home training. Our puppy classes are rolling enrolment, you can start anytime, no need to wait.

You are welcome to enroll in one of our puppy classes even if you are not training your puppy as a service prospect. Starting your puppy out on the right training path from day one is vital.

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