Puppy Raiser

Puppy raisers are paramount in the process of raising and training a service dog. Our Muskoseepi Service puppy will live with their raiser for roughly eighteen months. During this time, you will train and manage the puppy. Helping them grow into well socialized, confident and attentive adults setting the foundations for adult training.

Puppy raisers will be provided with food, veterinarian care, support, education & temporary boarding. Dog gear; leash, collar, MSD tag, harness, vest, dog dish. Essentially, everything you will need to help you and the Muskoseepi Service puppy be successful.

As a Puppy Raiser, you will

  • Provide a loving home and accept the puppy as a family member
  • Attend weekly training classes
  • Take puppy with you while socializing them to new experiences
  • You will learn how to train like a pro
  • Experience new things and meet new people
  • We truly hope you will consider becoming a Muskoseepi Service Dog Volunteer.